WindowDressers is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization dedicated to helping Maine residents reduce heating costs, fossil fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions by minimizing heat loss through windows. Inserts offer an inexpensive alternative to window replacement.

With 30% of home heat loss through windows alone, inserts reduce home heating fuel use and CO2 emissions simultaneously.

To keep the cost of inserts low, we’ve borrowed the old-fashioned barnraising model.

Customers and community volunteers gather in common purpose for a week or two each year to fabricate window inserts in their local community.

We call it the Community Build Program.

In addition, each year we give 22% of our annual total insert production to low-income households with a simple request for a donation of $10 in total (if they are able).

Here are examples of our 2017 Community Build Residential Rates:

Sample Size Height x Width (sq. ft)       Pine White
Small           36” x 20″     $16.93 $20.23
Medium           52” x 30″     $25.54 $30.51
Large           68” x 37″     $31.35 $37.75


WindowDressers inserts are made from locally sourced pine.

From our Rockland base, we source everything we can from Maine. Designed by engineers, our inserts are both high quality and beautiful, and available in both pine and white painted finishes.

There are 557,000 homes in Maine, and over 90 percent of them need weatherization. We’re here to help.


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