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WindowDressers is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization dedicated to helping Maine residents reduce heating costs, fossil fuel consumption, and CO-2 emissions by lowering the amount of heat loss through windows.

We have developed a community-based volunteer model that taps into individual and collective interest in saving on fuel costs, helping fellow citizens and sparing the environment from unnecessary CO2 pollution. We call this the Community Build program.  We’ve augmented that effort with specialized equipment and computerization to ensure the efforts of our volunteers are boosted to the highest degree possible.

Our target is leaky windows in Maine’s housing stock, the oldest in the nation.  Inserts offer an affordable alternative to window replacement.  Our customers save, on average, ten to twenty percent on their fuel consumption which translates in most cases to payback within the first heating season. We donate 22% of our inserts to low-income families who could not otherwise afford them. Many of these families choose to donate back to the program in order to help other families.

With 30% of building heat loss occurring through windows, WindowDressers volunteers manufacture insulating inserts which, when placed in windows, reduce the need for heat during cold seasons. Stopping this avenue of heat loss reduces fuel oil use and CO2 production simultaneously.

There are 557,000 homes in Maine. Over 90 percent of them need weatherization. On average, these homes consume around 1,000 gallons of heating oil or equivalent per year.