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At WindowDressers Community Builds throughout the State of Maine, hundreds of dedicated volunteers gather together to fabricate, and distribute thermal window inserts with pine frames and wrapped on both sides with crystal-clear polyolefin.  Inserts are installed on the inside of windows. A dead air space between the two layers and a foam weather strip edging reduce heat loss and block air leaks.  They are estimated to have an R factor approaching 3.  With reasonable care, they can be reused year after year.

WindowDresser inserts are one of the lowest cost energy efficiency improvements a homeowner can invest in, offering the shortest payback with a  high return on this modest investment that improves home weatherization.

Window Dressers is the largest insert producer in Maine.  We attribute our success to the high quality and low cost of our product, but mostly to to the hundreds of dedicated volunteers who contribute their time and energy so that Maine residents can save money on heating bills and reduce CO2 emissions.