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Welcome to WindowDressers

WindowDressers brings community volunteers of all economic and social situations together to improve the warmth and comfort of interior spaces, lower heating costs, and reduce carbon dioxide pollution by producing low-cost insulating window inserts that function as custom, interior-mounted storm windows. Our staff supplies, trains, and supports teams of community volunteers as they build affordable, insulating window inserts at local Community Builds. Read more >

See and feel the difference

These two photos were taken by a volunteer in Wells on a 29° day in November. The photos show two different windows at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Visitor Center— one with insulating window inserts, and one without. The windows are ten feet apart, but in different rooms. The thermometers were left for 15 minutes in each room, out of the sun, on the window sill. Insulating Window Inserts make all the difference!

How it works

WindowDressers is a nonprofit organization and our process is a little different than ordering through Amazon. After placing your order, trained volunteers will make a house-call to measure your windows. You’ll then need to participate in a local WindowDressers Community Build where your inserts are made. Finally you pick up your inserts at the end of the workshop. Our Process >


​It’s the second day of our window insert doing its job. Draft from our north-facing bathroom window has been eliminated. Yippee!! The Community Build at Allagash was a rewarding experience. Work stations were marvels of ingenuity; DIY from start to finish. All that and snacks, too. Thank you WindowDressers.

Marjorie R. of Scarborough

I have volunteered for three shifts at window dressers. Two were in Ellsworth, and one in Portland. It’s a great way to meet interesting people and contribute to the effort of improving the insulation in people’s homes, yet not have to make a huge time commitment. That said, I will be looking for more window dressers events in the coming year where I can volunteer.

Barbara S. of Brownfield and Steuben

I did my whole house with these interior storms. We have noticed a big difference in our comfort level. It’s definitely nice and warm, and it seems like even during the below zero cold snap we didn’t use as much fuel as we would have in the past.

Stephen C. of South China

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