Bored at home? Board at home!

What dedicated group of people supports wonderful volunteers like these?

Our WindowDressers nonprofit Board, of course.  Join us!  We are a group of eleven friendly folks from all over the state.  Most of us got involved in helping to lead WindowDressers because we participated in community workshops and found them so inspiring.  Our board work is interesting, engaging and remote.  We’ve been gathering 5-6 times a year on Zoom long prior to the pandemic and saving countless hours of time and fuel by doing so.  

Our meetings are professional, time limited and productive.  We prioritize discussion over reports, which are shared using Google Drive.  Guided by our Executive Team, we work hand in hand with our Executive Director, Laura Seaton, to set WindowDressers’ future course and maintain its fiscal health. We wear two hats.  We are Board members, but we are also volunteers. Most of us have participated in or led workshops, but this is not a requirement for Board membership.  You can read about us here.

Over the next twelve months we will be updating WindowDressers’ Strategic Plan, identifying a new location for a more efficient production facility, creating a new succession plan for our Board, and participating with staff as they reach out to our wider support community with the use of a new software platform that will integrate much of what we do with technology.  We will be paying special attention to the ways our organization can incorporate anti-racism policies and practices as we move ahead.  It’s an exciting time to serve, and the work we do is indispensable to the organization.

We believe that diversity, fresh perspectives, and new energy keep our board healthy.   If you would like to learn more about Board service with WindowDressers, by all means get in touch with me (207-838-9843 /  We are in particular need of a new Treasurer.  David stepped into the breach after Karl’s untimely death last November, but his position with Maine Health has been very demanding due to the pandemic’s arrival, and he needs to pull back. If you know of a possible Treasurer candidate, by all means let me know.

Your enthusiasm and willingness to serve as a Board member is far more important than past board experience.  Please consider whether you might be interested in learning more about Board service with WindowDressers!