Updated May 2023

WindowDressers will stay informed about any changes in CDC guidelines and act accordingly./strong>

WindowDressers staff and volunteers may NOT refuse service to anyone based on their vaccination status.



  • All Measurers must be EITHER fully vaccinated against Covid-19 OR wear a mask for the duration of the measuring appointment.
  • Measuring Teams must ask the customer if they want Measurers to wear masks during the measuring appointment.

WindowDressers recommends the following:

  • Customers open doors and windows for one hour before the measuring appointment to increase ventilation in the home.
  • On the morning of the appointment, measurers call each customer and screen for symptoms of Covid-19.
  • If the customer answers “yes” to the screening questions, their appointment is rescheduled until after they’ve received a negative Covid test.
  • If the customer answers “no” to both screening questions, the measurer proceeds with the appointment.

WindowDressers recommends the following:

  • Universal Masking at all Community Builds

  • Screening at the door for Covid-19 symptoms

  • Stations set up 6′ apart. Try to have 2 members of the same household work together at assembly and wrapping tables.

  • Keep windows and doors open to provide as much ventilation as possible. Use fans to increase air circulation, when possible.

  • The Community Meal may be altered or eliminated, as decided by the local organizing team.

  • The local organizing team may opt to require Covid-19 vaccination for people participating in the hands-on Community Build.

Please Note: The local organizing team may opt for more strict protocols than official WindowDressers protocols at the hands-on Community Build, including requiring COVID-19 vaccination for all participants.