1. All measurers must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 AND must wear a mask during all measuring appointments.

    2. Customers must wear masks throughout measuring appointments, and both customers and measurers must maintain 6 feet distance during the appointment.

    3. Customers are asked to open doors and windows for one hour before the measuring appointment to increase ventilation in the home.

    4. On the morning of the appointment, measurers must call each customer and screen for symptoms of Covid-19.

    5. If the customer answers “yes” to the screening questions, their appointment is rescheduled until after they’ve received a negative Covid test.

    6. If the customer answers “no” to both screening questions, the measurer proceeds with the appointment.

  • Universal Masking at all Community Builds

  • Screening at the door for Covid-19 symptoms

  • Stations set up 6′ apart. Try to have 2 members of the same household work together at assembly and wrapping tables.

  • Keep windows and doors open to provide as much ventilation as possible. Use fans to increase air circulation, when possible.

  • The Community Meal may be altered or eliminated, as decided by the local organizing team.

  • The local organizing team may opt to require Covid-19 vaccination for people participating in the hands-on Community Build.