Damaged Inserts – Need Repairs (Rewraps)?

The plastic on your inserts is strong, but things happen and if it gets ripped or punctured, have no fear! You can get the inserts repaired (re-wrapped) for $15 each plus your participation time at the Community Build. Teams will have limited ability to take walk-in customers for repairs, so please let us know ahead of time that you need repairs.

Small tears and punctures can be repaired immediately with transparent packing tape.  Common Scotch Tape (and equivalents) does not have sufficient adhesive strength or resistance to yellowing. If a tear is too big, you will need to get it rewrapped so it will work properly. Please Sign Up Now to have your insert repaired.

Please Note: Please be sure to remove all foam, tape and plastic from the frame before bringing it in to be repaired. White tape is difficult to remove. Cut through the plastic to loosen it and pull at the corner where the white tape begins. This will give you a better chance of striping all layers off at one time. The old white tape you can’t get off by scraping can be left in place.

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