How to Clean and Install Your Inserts

Now that fall is upon us, here are some tips for cleaning and installing your inserts!

Cleaning Inserts: Plastic film attracts dust. For removal of dust, a micro-fiber cloth or tack cloth available in paint stores can be used. Do not use bath towels or paper towels; both can scratch plastic film. ​ If additional cleaning is needed, you can use any spray window cleaner and a micro-fiber cloth. ​Some have recommended using Sprayway which can be purchased at Lowes. ​ Gentle pressure on the polyolefin areas is not harmful.

Inserts are easy to install. Read the labels on the insert and distribute them around the house according to the locations shown. Some common abbreviations are:

MBR – Master Bedroom
KIT – Kitchen
BATH – Bathroom
BR-UP – Upstairs Bedroom
BR-DN – Downstairs Bedroom
DR – Dining Room
LVR – Living Room
BSMT – Basement

If inserts for a room are numbered, such as LIV-1, LIV-2 etc, start to the left of the main entrance and mount them clockwise around the room.

Check around the window frame for obstructions and remove those in the way. Blinds often need to be moved forward. Provide 7/8” space behind them to slide inserts into place and still use the blind.

Installing Inserts: Turn the insert so the labels are facing the outside, lift the insert up to near the top of the window and slide its upper edges into its landing against the upper frame of the window. Push the lower insert to place with a side-to-side shimmy motion. Do not force the inner film against latches on double-hung windows; adjust the insert so that film just clears the latch. A stiff spatula is very helpful to jockey an insert left or right for its final adjustment. A gentle pass along these edges can also help seat the foam edging flat against its landing.