It’s Time to Order Inserts for the 2018-19 Season!

WindowDressers is now accepting orders for our 2018-19 season of building insulating window inserts at local Community Workshops across Maine!

Once you sign up, trained volunteers will schedule a time to measure your windows for the custom-built inserts. Then, in the fall, you and other community volunteers will gather to build the inserts at >>one of 30 locations across the state.<<LINK (Special accommodations are made for participants with mobility challenges.) The inserts are built of attractive pine frames and wrapped with a durable plastic film to create clear views through an insulating air space. Foam weather stripping around the outer edges stops drafts and aids the insert’s tight, custom fit. The inserts are installed from the inside of windows and held in place by friction. Depending on the efficiency of your windows and home, you could see fuel savings of up to 20% with inserts in place. {{PHOTO}}

Pricing is based on size and finish (natural pine or white). A medium-sized 30 x 52 insert in pine costs $28 and in white costs $37. WindowDressers offers low-income households up to 10 pine inserts at no charge. Donations of any amount are always welcome.   

WindowDressers’ volunteers will begin measuring windows in April.  The inserts will be built at Community Workshops across Maine from September to January. The number of homes taken on by the local Community Workshop is limited to about 30, so interested households should sign up right away at >>LINK to contact form<<