Machias Savings Bank Volunteers at Lincoln St. Center

On Tuesday, Aug 28th, 13 Machias Savings Bank employees who are “Community Impact Ambassadors” spent 4 hours building inserts at our Lincoln St. Center production facility in Rockland. The effort was part of a team-building training for the bank— a practical training so these employees can become participants in Community Workshops near them, and a practical help for WindowDressers in getting a whole bunch of inserts built in one day! Machias Savings Bank is going to be a key partner with 350 Machias in the new Community Workshop in Machias this year.

Want to join or start a workshop in your community? WindowDressers has 33 Community Workshops across the state, and is growing every season thanks to local partnerships like this one. Contact us at to help bring low-cost, energy-saving Insulating Window Inserts to your community!