What our customers and volunteers say


Our WindowDressers inserts have saved us about 100 gallons a year in propane. Now, Revision Energy-installed solar panels cover all of our heating with our mini-split heat pumps. The energy savings from the inserts means CMP customers are using more solar produced power going out to the grid, as we overproduce what we need to cover all of our heating, cooling, electric and EV charging needs.

-Dana, Biddeford

We have outfitted our home down stairs with inserts 60% and upstairs %100, save one
window in the bedroom, which we call the circulation generator. We have spared at least a cord of hardwood a year since we installed WD inserts! The fact that we now exist at least 8 to 10 degrees warmer over the entire season is even more meaningful!

-Bill, Blue Hill

We received inserts for our enclosed heated porch last year. We were able to enjoy our porch through some of the coldest parts of our winter & still are. We are seniors & don’t have much interaction outside our home in the winter. Our porch with all its 10 windows provides us with a therapeutic environment. We didn’t get cabin fever at all. We are most grateful to the Fairfield gang for their dedicated efforts in producing such a fine product as your inserts.

-June and John, Augusta

My new inserts have made a dramatic difference in my comfort, and I’m convinced they will save a lot on my heating bill. My old boiler heating system seemed to run almost constantly before the inserts were installed and now it seems it hardly runs at all. I’ve spoken with the pastor at my church about window inserts as they have windows that are very drafty. I will tell as many people as I can about these wonderful inserts!

-Kennebunk resident

Being a local coordinator has been a great experience for me. I loved seeing how the workshops brought people together from across the community to learn and share with one another. It has been a joy to hear back from clients and know that the inserts are making a difference in the comfort of their home & their energy costs. One client told me that his daughter no longer needs to sleep in the living room because her own room is now warm, and another was thrilled because he now felt his oil should last the winter instead of running out like it has in previous years. Others have told me with joy how much longer their oil tank has lasted, or that the heat comes on less frequently. Being a local coordinator has enabled me to serve my community in an incredibly fulfilling way.

-Christine Siebert, Orono Local Coordinator

I just wanted to let you know that we just installed our inserts. In a matter of an hour, we could already tell the difference. We have five large picture windows that we had inserts made for and, I think, they will be a God-send. I am so thankful we saw your story on WABI-TV. No regrets here!! Good job, everyone!!

-Melanie L, Blue Hill

By way of the Rockland Free Clinic, I found Window Dressers. Staff and volunteers have consistently been patient, pleasant, and supportive. My budget could not cover even a minimal contribution toward my inserts, however that did not eliminate me as a recipient of ten units each of the first and second year, and another two the third year. Am not exaggerating when I say these inserts saved me hundreds of dollars on propane gas. Plus the elimination of cold zones around windows contributes to the overall comfort of a room. It has been a pleasure to volunteer at the builds in both Rockland and Wiscasset. Thank you for developing such a simple, yet massively beneficial, environmentally sensitive ‘tool.’

-Anonymous, Rockland

What a wonderful experience in Brunswick this past week on my first build with exceptionally gifted instructors, creative tools and positive community energy! All of our inserts are in and already making a difference in our energy use during our first “nor’easter” of the season. Thank you to the remarkable staff at Windowdressers for your creative efforts!

-BJ, Brunswick

I did my whole house with these interior storms. We have noticed a big difference in our comfort level. It’s definitely nice and warm, and it seems like even during the below zero cold snap we didn’t use as much fuel as we would have in the past.

-Stephen C. of South China

I have volunteered for three shifts at window dressers. Two were in Ellsworth, and one in Portland. It’s a great way to meet interesting people and contribute to the effort of improving the insulation in people’s homes, yet not have to make a huge time commitment. That said, I will be looking for more window dressers events in the coming year where I can volunteer.

-Barbara S. of Brownfield and Steuben

​It’s the second day of our window insert doing its job. Draft from our north-facing bathroom window has been eliminated. Yippee!! The Community Build at Allagash was a rewarding experience. Work stations were marvels of ingenuity; DIY from start to finish. All that and snacks, too. Thank you Window-Dressers.

-Marjorie R. of Scarborough

Window Dressers is a great project. The inserts work really well, it’s cut down the cost of fuel I use. It’s cheaper to buy the inserts then to replace the window. I would recommend the inserts for everyone. Guest in my home are impressed with the look and how well they keep out the cold draft. I would like to that everyone how participated in this project.

-Debbie CK of Sidney

We are extremely pleased with our window inserts. Installation was very quick and easy and they fit perfectly. No drafts coming in now which means we’re saving on fuel and are more comfortable. The entire process from measuring to the volunteer afternoon and installation was great. Thank you very much and have a Happy New Year!

-Diana R of Kennebunk

I had a wonderful time at the window dressers build. I wanted to let you know that the inserts for my windows are fabulous. They fit perfectly and make the windows look pretty. The difference in the warmth is amazing. I cannot feel any draft coming through these inserts. As an added bonus, it is more quiet inside my house! I am so happy with these inserts. I wish I knew of this program years ago! Thank you again.  

-Annemarie S. of Old Orchard Beach

They look awesome.  After the quick fix during the build week, everything fits perfectly. Some folks didn’t even see them in the windows until I pointed them out. One acted like a sail as we transferred them across the parking lot at the museum, it went flying and landed in a snow bank. I picked it up, and it was still as good as when we built it. I was very impressed. The whole process was incredibly easy and our involvement with the build was really fun and engaging. We’re planning on ordering more this coming year. Thank you again for the fantastic care you take with this project!

-Cynthia W of the Brickstore Museum in Kennebunk

I got all of my windows, they fit beautifully and I can already tell a BIG difference, no more drafts!!!!!!! Thanks to both of you, you made it a wonderful, fun and productive experience! And I tell everyone I come across about Window Dressers.

-Karen L of York Harbor

We have inserted all of our window inserts. It was very easy and they have been working perfectly. It is amazing how much warmer our home is. Thank you and WindowDressers!

-Rafael M of York

My Dad and I had a great time at the Wells build. The inserts fit great and I can already tell a difference. I’m looking forward to getting more in 2018! Thanks again!

-Andre L of South Berwick

The inserts fit very well, including the side by side by side trio on my big doors. No problems installing them and no damages. I was very happy to have them with the disastrously cold weather we just experienced. They really helped a lot. Thank you so much for coming and measuring. Glad to have these and glad that you can provide them for others.

-Valerie M of Wells

The inserts are wonderful! Thank you. Even with my one skewed window, the foam give on each side allowed me to fit the windows in place. Awesome! Thank you so much for this opportunity.

-Laura B of Portland

They are great. I love them. Our room is so much warmer! They were a bit tricky to get it but I think we finally figured it out. Thanks So much.

-Susan D of York

We purchased 10 units, the best investment that I have ever made.  Great product!

-Abraham K of Union

We loved the inserts. They worked like champs, and we’d like to get one for the other bedroom.

-Deb G of So Portland

We had 3 inserts made by window dressers last year.  They worked so well keeping the cold winter winds out that we decided that we wanted some for the rest of the windows in the house.

-Darrell M of Blue Hill

I had all my downstairs windows done last year, except one. This is the first winter in 17 years that I did not have to constantly wipe off condensation and or frost on my windows. We were warmer for sure.

-Carol K of Waldo

Thank-you so much!!!!! We can feel the difference already. Next year going to try to get the inserts for the rest of my windows. Love em!!!!!

-Debbie P of Biddeford

Regarding our propane usage, we believe we used 100 less gallons of propane this past year. We’re attributing it to the 12 window inserts installed last fall.  Paula printed off the spreadsheet of our usage, and while no two years of heating are the same, as some winters are milder than others, we think the last two winters were comparable over all. Accordingly, we believe the window inserts saved that much.

-Dana W