Volunteers needed in Portland, Lewiston, Unity, Berwick & Rockland

Since 2010, WindowDressers volunteers have made more than 27,000 insulating interior window inserts that have avoided burning nearly 880,000 gallons of fuel oil, saving Maine households more than $2.2 million on their heating bills. This year we are building more inserts than ever before! We need you to sign up TODAY  to volunteer at your local Community Workshop!

Sign up today for one of our four upcoming workshops: Portland (Nov 28 – Dec 1), Lewiston (Nov 26 – Dec 2), Unity (Nov 28 – Dec 1), and Berwick (Nov 27 – 30). We also build inserts at our Lincoln Street Production Center in Rockland throughout the fall and winter, and we can ALWAYS us the help there!

Community Workshops are a fun, barn-raising-type effort, bringing together neighbors for a joyful day of work, community and service. Food is provided! (In fact, donating food is another way to contribute to the project!) Donate a few hours of your time toward an effort that makes a big difference in slowing global warming as well as supporting the comfort and health of your local neighbors.