Zero Waste Tips for Community Builds

Become a Zero Waste Community Build!

WindowDressers is working to warm homes, building community, and helping the environment. We can also lead by example at our Community Builds across Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. It is surprisingly easy to reduce waste at Community Builds and thereby further reduce our own carbon footprints. When we compost and eliminate the use of disposable products, we can help enrich the soil and keep pounds of unnecessary waste out of landfills while reducing plastic pollution. We can also save money by no longer having to repeatedly buy things like plastic water bottles, plates, cups etc. 

  1. Require all members to bring reusable water bottles to meetings and events.
  2. Purchase lightweight reusable dinnerware at a thrift store or purchase new dinnerware made from a sustainable material like bamboo or wheat straw. You will have to wash these, but many are dishwasher safe. Options are available on Amazon and through independent shops.
  3. For larger community events, where reusables are not feasible, purchase compostable plates, flatware, drinkware and supply water in coolers or pitchers.
  4. Find a local commercial compost facility and bring your food scrap and compostable dishes after your event. Some commercial compost facilities can be found here:
  5. Ultimately your community build will save money from not having to buy disposable dishes and water at all your events!

Zero Waste Resources:


Thank you to Sarah Keniston from the Henniker, NH team for this contribution on how to further reduce waste at Community Builds!